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  • KarmaKarma Pecan & Hazelnuts oats Crumble with Pear

    Create a warm vibe to start a perfect slow morning with your family. Your house will be filled with a wonderful smell that makes you crave instantly to start breakfast. Pear crumble is a brilliant way to make use of seasonal fruits in autumn. 

  • KarmaKarma Chocolate Overnight Oats with Beetroot

    Beetroot Chocolate Overnight Oats It is good to get out of your comfort zone so you surprise yourself with a new experience and a whole ...
  • KarmaKarma hot-oat-love 🍂 🍂

    It's Autumn! 🍁 Here's a few things we're really looking forward to...what are you most excited about? 🍂 Walking in a forest full of colors ☕️ Drink...