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easy and healthy

superfast superfood
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do you also eat too much sandwiches and other no-no's?

KarmaKarma is your healthy shortcut

F*ck the diet: enjoy the slow energy of oatmeal

slow healthy energy

start every day with a smile

oatmeal cups

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better for all of us

organic & sustainable

who loves KarmaKarma?

Evelyn, marketeer

Evelyn, marketer of the most beautiful Belgian lingerie but also mum of 2 young tykes. She does not have time for breakfast at home so she just takes her KarmaKarma cup to the office where she enjoys it with a splash of almond milk. Evelyn also loves yoga and running. Healthy eating with KarmaKarma, and your beach body is a fact!
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David, architect

Our cups are the perfect power food for professionals on the go. David is an architect and always on the road to customers or contractors. Did you know that KarmaKarma fits perfectly in the cup holder of your car. Simply add yogurt or hot water and bring a spoon.
David orders an @work box

Julie, teacher

Julie is a young mum and passionate about a healthy and sporty lifestyle. She dreams of owning a breakfast bar but for now she writes an Instagram blog about delicious healthy food. Julie inspires people to eat healthily and, she has been a KarmaKarma fan from day one.
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