about us

You work hard. You want to give the best of yourself. You want to stay fit, you do sports and you watch your diet. Still, eating healthy is a challenge, especially when you're busy.

I am Griet, founder of KarmaKarma. I worked for a large company for twelve years where I worked long hours and had to travel a lot. We ate sandwiches and unhealthy snacks along the way, and yet every year we walked the 20 km of Brussels for charity.
A routine examination became my wake-up call: My unhealthy eating habits were weighing on my health, but like many other people, I found it difficult to eat healthy in the office or when I was extra busy.

When I was once again looking for something healthy just before I had to go to a long meeting, I suddenly got an idea! An oat cup that you prepare with water or milk seemed like a great alternative to a chocolate roll or a sugary bar from the vending machine.
The oatmeal cup idea was born at the end of 2015, and became the start of the startup company KarmaKarma. Today we have different snacks with oats. All products are really healthy and have the Nutri-score A label, but they are also organic and vegan.

We help you make the most of every day: with KarmaKarma you always have a super fast superfood by your side!

Griet Daelemans, founder KarmaKarma