KarmaKarma - better for you

slow, healthy carbohydrates
no refined sugars
lots of fiber, healthy fats
and up to 15% vegetable protein!
All products are Nutri-Score A, organic and plantbased

oats with berries

fibers for a long-lasting feeling of satiety

Oats are very healthy and replacing bread meals with oats can lead to spectacular weight loss. Oats contain a lot of fiber that stimulates the intestinal function. Eating fibers will prevent that the consumed sugars enter into the bloodstream quickly, and this results in less high blood sugar peaks. In addition, unlike wheat and other grains, oats contain soluble fibers such as beta-glucans, which inhibit arteriosclerosis and lower blood pressure. Oats are therefore very healthy, especially if you are going to use them as a replacement for bread or cornflakes, because you will avoid high insulin peaks.

little or no added sugar

Since oats don't have much flavor, we add seeds, nuts or a little dried fruit to the oat mixtures. Why is dried fruit better than a spoon of sugar? Dried fruit contains natural sugars, but these are bound in fibers so that you absorb them more slowly than regular sugar or syrups. Fruit, especially red fruit, contains many healthy substances. Dried fruits contain nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folate, iron, magnesium, copper and potassium. 

In our KarmaKarma granola we use a limited amount of maple syrup. Maple syrup is better than refined sugar, but you should not eat too much of it. KarmaKarma almond granola contains less than 9% sugar and that is quite good for a very crunchy, tasty granola. We replace part of the syrup with chicory root fibers.



up to 15% of plant based protein

You need protein. However, it is not a good idea to eat extra protein or fat, as suggested by a keto or atkins diet. These diets are very taxing on the liver and kidneys, and they accelerate aging. Meat contains a lot of protein but also contains saturated fat. In general, our Western diet is very high in protein and we eat too much meat. Oats, nuts and seeds contain vegetable proteins.KarmaKarma berries & almonds, for example, contains up to 15% vegetable protein.

healthy fats

Most granolas and cookies are high in saturated fat. Saturated fat is not good and yet we eat quite a lot of it. Meat, butter, coconut, pastries and chips contain a lot of saturated and unhealthy fat. Eating unsaturated fats, on the other hand, is healthy. You can find these in nuts and olive oil, for example. Our cookies and granola are baked in almond paste, and therefore contain less saturated fats.

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Source: De Voedselzandloper, Kris Verburg, physician and researcher. Although this book was controversial when it was published in 2012, for going against many established authorities, many of the recommendations in this book have since been incorporated into national health guidelines.