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KarmaKarma hot-oat-love 🍂 🍂

It's Autumn! 🍁 Here's a few things we're really looking forward to...what are you most excited about?

🍂 Walking in a forest full of colors
Drinking warm mugs of tea
😺 Cozying up on the sofa with a blanket

🧦 Wearing fluffy slippers
😍 Cinnamon. Cinnamon in everything
... and of course HOT KarmaKarma oat bowls!

Super easy and a super smile guaranteed! You are about the change the world because these oats will totally step change your personal energy and that is the beginning of everything.

Ingredients (makes plenty of oat breakfast for 1 person)

50gr KarmaKarma Chocolate & Cranberries oats
120ml soy milk

2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons linseeds

other toppings: almond butter, banana slices and nuts

hot chocolate cranberry oats with toppings

how="" to?="" <="" span="">We promise ... it is very easy!

  • Cook and stir your KarmaKarma oats in milk for three to four minutes until all the milk is absorbed.
  • Poor your oats in a bowl and add toppings such as linseeds or nuts. Magic happens when you melt in some almond butter too!
  • Start enjoying immediately so you absorb all the warming aroma's.

We guarantee a heartwarming bowl and a big smile.


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