FAQ's – Karma Karma
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Can I obtain an invoice for my order?  Sure! Make sure you share your VAT number (it has to be correc though!) when ordering. If you need an invoice and you do not have a VAT number, please request an invoice via the comment section. Our products are taxed with 6% VAT and this is included in the prices you see. Transport costs also include 6% VAT.

Are Karma Karma cups recyclable? Yes! Karma Karma cups are made of paper that is recyclable. There is a very tiny layer of plastic on the inside but that is not prohibiting the cups from being recycled. 

Is Karma Karma lactose free? Yes, all variants are free from lactose. Unlinke most oat cups we do not use any milk powder. However it is possible our oat cups contain traces of lactose.

How much shipment costs will I pay?  Shipment costs are dependent on the weight of the product you order and the shipment address. You can calculate your shipment costs by selecting the product you would like to order and filling out your address. Next you will click on to see your payment options and to calculate the costs of your shipment. You will be able to see the total cost of your order before paying. 

Can I sent back my order if I do not like it?   Of course you can return your goods. If the goods are in perfect condition, clean and unopened, we will refund the value of your order. The costs for sending back the goods have to be paid by the customer. You can read more about this in the general conditions.