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about us

founder KarmaKarma

I worked twelve years in a corporate company in product development and later also in sales. Long working hours and I ate a lot on the go. I love food and I have a passion for healthy cooking but I also enjoyed a lot of sandwiches, croissants and less healthy snacks.

A routine health check indicated that I had high blood pressure. This became my wake-up call: all those unhealthy snacks where damaging my health.


I started to read many books on the influence of nutrition on health. Books like the DASH-diet, the books of doctor Kris Verburg, Pascale Naessens and Julie Van den Kerchove inspired me to eat differently. 

It is scientifically proven that refined sugars, like those in white bread, lead to higher blood pressure. If you want to improve your blood pressure, you must eat a lot fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grain fibres. 

Oats are excellent substitute for bread, because they consist of 100% whole grain fibres that kill hunger for hours. Therefore, I occasionally brought a Tupperware with cooked oats to work. Pretty tasty, but it is a hassle to carry a Tupperware box around. 

Someday I was again looking for something healthy to eat, but I could not find anything. Then all of a sudden, I had an idea: an individual portion of oats that I could easily prepare with hot water. It satiates hunger, it is healthy and guiltfree. 

The idea of a healthy oat-based meal, kept me busy. I always dreamt of starting my own business and now I had a plan. I tested several recipes with friends. 

By the end of 2015 I ran a first test with 500 self-made cups in a pop-up, where I also handed out samples. In one week I sold 500 cups. This initial success encouraged me to start a webshop. Different coffee bars and trendy food stores picked up KarmaKarma soon after. 


THANK YOU, you know who you are!

Griet Daelemans, founder KarmaKarma