all you need to know about the Nutri-Score logo

all you need to know about the Nutri-Score logo

KarmaKarma creates healthy products only. All our recipes have to be both Nutri-Score A and yummy to make it to production. There is more then enough unhealthy products and fake healthy products (looks healthy - is not healthy). We feel we are are in an expert position and would like to share our point of view about the Nutri-Score logo and how it can help you to make better choices.

There was recently quite some controverse on the Nutri-Score topic. Probably you also saw the Nutri-Score A frozen fries. Or people claiming that the Nutri-Score is only an indicator within a certain category, but not a relevant indicator about the health benefits of the product itself. How to tell right from wrong?

Nutri-Score AWat is dat  Nutri-Score?

Nutri-Score is a straightforward formula, which is calculated in exactly the same manner for all prepared foods, with the exception of drinks and fats, and therefore it is a really good indicator to calculate a health score per product. For soda's and fasts there is a separate formula but for all other foods ranging from cereals, frozen products and ready-to-eat meals there is one sinle formula.  Nutri-Score can be therefore considered a good health indicator and not only an indicator within a certain category. The Nutri-Score is calculated based on the energy, the amount of saturated fats, sugar, salt levels and protein, fiber and the percentage of fruit, veg and nuts per 100 grams.  Too much energy, saturated fats, sugar and/or salt deliver negative points while fiber, protein or the percentage of fruit, veg or pulses contribute to a positive score.  The Nutri-Score is the mathematical sum of positive and negagtive aspects of a recipe and this is calculated in the same way for almost all categories of foods.

is dus een optelsom van de positieve en negatieve aspecten van een ingrediënt of recept en staat helemaal los van de categorie. Het logo helpt je ook binnen een categorie in één oogopslag gezonde  Nutri-Score A producten te vinden tussen minder gezonde Nutri-Score producten binnen een categorie.

How do I use the Nutri-Score then?

Nutri-Score A en B products are considered healthy and can be consumed daily. Nutri-Score C, D and E products can be consumed in small quantities or with special occasions.  In our diets we do not only need fruit and veg but also carbs and fats including saturated fasts, the only problem is that we easily consume too much of the latter. Products with Score D and E like olive oil or chocolate fit in a balanced food scheme but we need to consume these foods with moderation.

What are the limitations of this logo?

If you bake your potatoes in saturated fats, it is obvious that your patatoe is no longer healthy. Frozen fries might have a Nutri-Score A logo but nobody eats fries without frying the first!  Remember that the Nutri-Score logo is not taking the preparation into account.

The Nutri-Score logo might be a good health indicator but it is not taking everything into account. It is for example not monitoring additives, allergens, food color, chemical sweeteners  (eg aspartame) or pesticides. We all know that aspartame is not healthy, yet many soft drinks with aspartame have a Nutri-Score A logo. To judge the latter criteria, you better look for the European organic logo. More on that one in our next blog!

What do you think about the Nutri-Score logo? Feel free to leave your comments bellow. All posts will be shared, but we monitor each post to avoid spam.


  • Tevredenheid over het verslag nutrients-score, ik snapte eigenlijk niet goed hoe je ermee moet omgaan. Supper bedankt.

  • Mooie samenvatting. Was al even op zoek naar een goede uitleg over de Nutri-score, dus bedankt!

    Sam Vh

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